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London Allergy Doctors - Allergy - Dr David Orton
London Allergy Doctors - Dr David Orton

Dr David Orton

Consultant Dermatologist & Allergist

“Investigating Allergic disease continues to pose challenges – particularly with our limited understanding of the complex mechanisms by which they can occur and developing reliable diagnostic tests. However, I have always enjoyed such challenges which demand an inquiring non-biased mind, and where the diagnosis often lies in the detail of the history provided by the patient.

Allergic conditions can affect multiple organ systems in the body, and physicians need to remain alert to this possibility. Both allergy and perceived allergy can have a huge impact on the quality of life of individuals and their families, and I always endeavour to look at medical problems in the context of the individual.

Within the roles that I have held in the British Society of Cutaneous Allergy and European Society of Contact Dermatitis, I have focused on consumer protection from allergens used in cosmetics and everyday household products.”